Yoga on a california ranch

Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years and is well known for its many health benefits. Any form of exercise is good for keeping the body flexible and the immune system healthy.
While other workout fads have come and gone over the years, no exercise program has endured the way yoga has. But yoga does more than just tone muscles and burn calories. With its twisting, back-bending, inverting, and stretching, yoga allows the body to spend more time resting and digesting within the nervous system (parasympathetic) and less time in the fight or flight nervous system (sympathetic). This significantly reduces stress and resultant inflammation and dramatically improves the strength of the immune system.

With an estimated twenty million people in the United States taking part in some form of yoga exercises, new yoga studios keep popping up and it can be confusing to try and find the perfect yoga class and instructor for you. The California yoga menu offers enthusiasts an eclectic assortment of yoga styles from Bikram, Hatha, and Vinyasa to prenatal classes for mothers-to-be. It can take some time to find the style of yoga that will have you happily chanting ‘OM’ with the perfect guru.

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At California Wellness Yoga Studio we offer classes for yogis of all stages of strength and experience. Our students feel safe in the hands of expert yoga instructors who know how to assess your strength and ability and meet you where you are. Our students always leave the studio feeling calm and fulfilled as they improve their basic alignment and achieve more challenging poses at each yoga session.

Understanding that yoga is as much a spiritual as a physical journey we help our students discover and achieve deep healing and transformation through mind-full sequences that synchronize movement and breath. Along the way, you will be encouraged to improve with gentle adjustments and taught the importance of the right mindset in each pose. Every movement is designed to challenge body and mind as you progress from strength to strength, mentally and physically.

Yoga is a great way to fight against weakness, mental fears, or sickness. We help students to mindfully change their intention and use their yoga practice to regain strength and wellness. Just a few minutes of practicing asanas every day will have an energizing effect on your nervous system, calm your mind, and balance your chakras, giving you a different perspective on life.

If you need to connect with your inner self a yoga session at California Wellness Yoga Studio will help you focus on the higher purpose of life, while practicing poses that allow your body to release positive hormones that improve your mood. You might want to see California ranches for sale and setup a yoga studio on the property. Even though yoga is usually practiced in a class with several other people, it is intrinsically a very personal and internal practice that turns your awareness and senses inward to help you discover more about your own body and mind. Join us for a truly amazing journey to discover what your mind and body is capable of with yoga.